Michael Owen

Yes, you can, but you should know what you’re doing when you do. You should know that these words are coordinating conjunctions, and that strictly speaking they belong in between two words, phrases or clauses that they are connecting. But of course you do know that because it was covered in the last couple of posts.

You should know that you are deliberately flouting a rule (that, nevertheless, most good writers flout) for stylistic or rhetorical effect, for drama, or to make the reader stop. And take note. Here are a few examples:

The King had lost his Scottish Kingdom in a war over a prayer book, and the Catholic Irish were beginning to rebel against the plantations. But dissent in his Celtic kingdoms wasn’t even the biggest of his problems: the English parliament was beginning to openly defy him too.

Michael Owen spent a lot of time injured in his time at Newcastle United, all the while pocketing a handsome wage of 100,000 pounds a week. And that really is rather a lot of money.

Let’s not forget some of the other FANBOYS:

There is no proof whatsoever that the government’s economic policies are helping the economy, and they may be actively damaging it. Yet the chancellor will not budge.

Beatrice was not prepared for the event that would so comprehensively change her life. Nor was I.



Write about jogging – whatever you want about jogging – a story; an article about how much you love it, or hate it, or whatever; a description of your last jog… Just make sure you include a couple of examples of the FANBOYS at the beginning of sentences for rhetorical effect.


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